KYYC: Snow & Ice Update



Our “A” and “B” Snow Priority Routes are in good condition, many with dry pavement from the sunshine and wind Today, a few crews were back out in areas that received greater ice and snow accumulations.

Some of our “C” Routes continue to have sections of snow cover, especially where trees or an embankment blocks sunshine from hitting the pavement. These routes have all been salted and it will take time for the salt to cut through the accumulated ice and snowpack.

Lower wind speed and crusting of snow has helped to reduce issues with drifting snow. This was not an issue today.

With overnight temperatures expected to be near 30 degrees, instances of refreezing and the possibility of black ice are greatly diminished. However, motorists should continue to be alert for snow packed sections of pavement, especially on secondary routes where shaded areas may continue to be snow covered. Anyone who ventures out through the night or for the Monday commute should be prepared to slow down and use caution. While most pavement is cleared, it is possible to top a hill or round a curve to encouter a snow-covered section of pavement that remains. Caution is required.

All crews are in for the night. This is our final report for this event. Thanks to everyone for your patience during what has been a tough battle with the forces of nature.

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