Four Local residents Presented Awards at Union County First, Morganfield & Sturgis Chamber’s Annual Banquet

A crowd of nearly 200 attended the Union County First, Morganfield and Sturgis Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet Thursday night for the presentation of four awards and to hear guest speaker and Union County native, Fruit of the Loom COO and Executive Vice President, Tony Pelaski.

According to Paul Monsour, one of the Morganfield Chamber of Commerce directors, Pelaski highlighted the recovery of the company’s bankruptcy after it was purchased by investor Warren Buffett. He also noted how Buffett had guided the company back to a full recovery. In addition, Pelaski talked about his career with Fruit of the Loom which began in 1981.

Following the motivational speaker, four local residents were recognized with awards for their outstanding work in the communities of Sturgis and Morganfield.

The Union County First Visionary Award was presented to Union County School board member and United Community Bank employee Lynda Jackson for her support of 4-H and other youth activities; and for her charming, outgoing and loving approach to her job at the bank.

The Sturgis Chamber of Commerce’s A.L. Holt Award was presented to Councilman Doug Rodgers, who has made it his personal mission to revive the Sturgis retail community and the city’s community pride. As reported previously by WMSK News, Rodgers has been spearheading and organizing the return of Sturgis Trade Days, which begins later today.

The Morganfield Chamber of Commerce presented two awards – the Leadership Award and the Volunteer Award.

The Leadership Award went to Sturgis Chamber of Commerce President and city councilwoman Dr. Kate Baker who has played a key leadership role not only with the Sturgis Chamber, but also with Union County First and Kyndle.

The Volunteer Award was presented to United Community Bank employee Tammy Belt who also heads the county’s health coalition.

Monsour says the two chambers officers and directors have endorsed a merger of the Sturgis and Morganfield Chambers of Commerce with Union County First and are currently working out those details. He notes the awarding of the Morganfield Chamber’s Leadership Award to the Sturgis Chamber President Dr. Baker can be seen as a positive precursor to that merger.

The Annual Banquet was held at White Buck Winery on US 60 West in Morganfield.

And Union County First members also voted for eight open positions on the 23-member board.  The ballot listed nine names and the top eight will be elected to a three year term on the board.

Tony Pelaski

Tony Pelaski, Executive Vice President & COO of Fruit of the Loom Inc. was the guest speaker at the annual banquet of Union County First and the Morganfield and Sturgis Chambers of Commerce, Thursday night at White Buck Winery.

Lynda Jackson

Visionary Award winner Lynda Jackson gets a hug from Union County First Executive Director Garrick  Thompson after accepting her award during Thursday night’s banquet.

Doug Rodgers

Doug Rodgers accepts the A.L. Holt Award form Sturgis Chamber President Dr. Kate Baker

Kate Baker

Sturgis Chamber President Dr. Kate Baker, left,  is all smiles  after receiving the Morganfield Chamber’s Leadership Award from Morganfield Chamber Vice President LaDonna Tapp.

Tammy Belt

Tammy Belt, left, received the Morganfield Chamber’s Volunteer of the year Award from Morganfield Chamber Vice President LaDonna Tapp.

(Images & Captions Credit: Paul Monsour)



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