Union County Sherriff Issues Statement On Middle School Threat

Union County Sherriff’s Office is investigating a social media post regarding possible violence at Union County Middle School.

Sherriff Thomas says his office is fully aware of the online posts and has been working non stop with the school since the information went out on Thursday.

At this time, Sherriff Thomas feels there is no direct threats, but says this is an open investigation which will be followed through.

Jason Thomas and the Union County Sherriff’s Office has an absolute zero tolerance policy against these type of threats and they are being taken very seriously.

Thomas’ suggestion to parents is to remove Snapchat and Tiktok from their child’s devices.

Union County Sherriff’s Office is present at UCMS today along with several additional school officials as a precaution.

Union County Middle School issued a One Call Thursday night addressing the threats. If anyone has any information on the parties involved they ask that you reach out.

Union County Public Schools Tipline can be reached at 866-847-5463

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