Union County Fiscal Court approves tasers for jail supervisors, and pay raise for election workers

Union County Fiscal Court magistrates unanimously approved two jail updates where jail supervisors can carry tasers as well as an amendment of jailer classifications for pay raises, and approved a pay raise for election precinct workers.

Newly appointed Jailer Shawn Elder requested two policy and procedure changes at the jail. The first request presented to magistrates was for supervisors at the jail to be able to carry tasers and use them if necessary.

He noted they will get yearly training certification for the tasers.

Jailer Elder’s second request included an amendment to jailer classification. Previously, he said employees were giving a promotion as a means of a raise in pay, so now Jailer Elder said he has more supervisors than employees. But, he wants to change that by implementing a salary range.

Magistrates also unanimously approved his request of a shift differential for .25 cents for 2nd shift and .50 cents for third shift.

In other business, Union County Clerk Trey Peak informed magistrates he is requesting pay for election workers to be raised from $120 to $155 per election.

Peak says he hopes the pay raise will help find more people to work on election day.

And magistates had a 15 minute discussion before approving the county resolution approving the fourth addendum to the solid waste ordinance No. 91.02, and tabled action to make appointments to the Morganfield Industrial Park Oversight Committee.

The next regularly scheduled fiscal court meeting will be held Tuesday morning, November 24, 2015 at 9:00.

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