Union Co. Emergency Management Director Retiring, Resident Asks Fiscal Court to Add 2 Roads to County Inventory

Union County Emergency Management Director Vernon Martin announced during Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting that he is retiring, effective September 30, 2016. Martin says is retiring to spend time with his family. Fiscal court will advertise the position and take applications.

In other fiscal court news…Union County Fiscal Court magistrates voted on the 2nd Reading of the 2015-2016 Budget Amendment, heard from Donnie Greenwell regarding an economic opportunity and reviewed an EPAD ordinance during Tuesday morning’s meeting.

Magistrates unanimously approved the 2nd reading of the 2015-2016 Budget Amendment for an amount of $100,776.00.

Donnie Greenwell, who addressed fiscal court at the May 25th meeting, was back again Tuesday to discuss Enterprise Road, Robins Way and four buildings he has available for economic development.

Equally important, he added, is that he would be willing to enter into a joint venture with a commercial industry or other entity. He then informed magistrates of his involvement in numerous other joint ventures in other countries.

Following his remarks, Greenwell asked fiscal court to accept Enterprise Road and Robins Way into the County inventory. There was a brief discussion about whether the two roads are considered to be subdivision. Greenwell said Enterprise Road and Robins Way is almost identical to Road 10 and Road 12 of Whispering Meadows, but as far as he knows they are not considered subdivisions.

In other business, Judge Executive Jody Jenkins gave a brief overview of the EPAD Ordinance for energy efficiency and energy improvements.

After a discussion, it was agreed by magistrates they would wait until the next fiscal court meeting to have the first reading of the ordinance.

The next regularly scheduled fiscal court meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

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