Traffic signal at KY 109/Adams Street intersection in downtown Sturgis to be studied for possible removal

On the heels of the four-way stop sign study at 5th and Main Streets in Sturgis, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 2 engineers have announced they will be conducting another study to determine if the traffic signal at the intersection of KY 109/5th Street and Adams Street should remain operational or be removed.

Sturgis Mayor Mike Hardesty says the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 2 traffic engineers plan to conduct the study of the 5th and Adams Streets traffic signal for two to three months.

If the traffic signal is removed, Mayor Hardesty does not feel it would affect downtown Sturgis.

The traffic signal is in downtown Sturgis at KY 109/5th Street one block north of the intersection with US 60 in Sturgis. KYTC officials indicate about 3,000 vehicles travel through this intersection at the south end of the old business district in an average day.

District 2 Traffic Engineer Kenny Potts noted in a release that if the study indicates the traffic signal should remain operational the existing signal would require significant upgrades. According to transportation officials, a review of crash data for the previous three years at the 5th and Adams Streets intersection did not indicate any police reported wrecks.

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