Taylor Gumz to compete in Congress Queen Contest at All-American Quarter Horse Congress

In October, a local young lady will be competing in the Congress Queen Contest at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress.

Taylor Gumz, of Morganfield, is currently the Mid-East Kentucky Quarter Horse Association Queen and she is preparing to compete for the title of Congress Queen.

She also competed for the title last year.

Taylor also talked about what the Mid-East Kentucky Quarter Horse Queen contest. She said it starts with submitting an application by May 30th, followed by an interview with the president of the club, a written multiple choice test over the AQHA Rule Book, and then show your horse in a pattern class called Horsemanship. Since receiving the Mid-East crown, she had until October to prepare for the national contest.

Then she will take a written test over the AQHA Rule Book.

The last 20 percent is a horsemanship class.

The final is held on Sunday when the crowning takes place and the winners are announced.

For the horsemanship competition next month, Taylor says she will be borrowing an 8 year old liver-chestnut horse.

The competition will be held the third week in October in Columbus, Ohio at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress.

The All American Quarter Horse Congress is the world’s largest single breed show and attracts more than 650-thousand people to the Columbus area, and more than 21-thousand horses are shown.

Taylor is the daughter of Kevin and Amy Gumz of Morganfield. They moved to Union County in 2007.

This is an honor for Taylor and Union County, so WMSK would like to wish her good luck at the National competition.

Taylor will be speaking at the Boys and Bridle 4-H meeting tonight (Thursday) from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the U.K. Extension Office in Morganfield. She will be talking about what a queen is, how to be a queen, and how 4-H gave her a great foundation for her queen quest.


(Pictured Above: Taylor Gumz)

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