Sturgis City Council hears Public Works update, 1 sewer pump inoperable

Sturgis City Council members discussed sewer problems and heard updates from the Public Works superintendent during Monday night’s regularly scheduled meeting.

Public Works Superintendent Jeff Wilson informed council members that a sewer pump at the main lift station is inoperable, adding that it will be large expense for the City to replace it.

After more discussion, council members decided they will hold a brief special called meeting to approve one of the bids submitted for purchase of a new pump.

Mayor Mike Hardesty added that the next thing to consider in the City’s 5-year plan would be to have a second sewer pump on stand-by in case a pump goes out, and flow meters for the sewer system.

Wilson also said the City’s engineer, city crews and plant personnel went out and conducted some infiltration to identify several manhole problems that he noted will be a major undertaking to repair.

And due to the flood event along the Ohio River, Wilson stated some City flood gates have been shut.

He noted that all the flood pumps are running normally.

Wilson also gave council members some good news regarding the water system for December.

In other business, council members unanimously approved a resolution 2016 GRADD FEMA Hazard Mitigation that is updated every 5 years.

And City Clerk Cindy Carr shared with council members a letter she received from FEMA stating Sturgis had been approved for reimbursement of expenses due to the February snow storm disaster.

There also was a special guest at the Sturgis City Council meeting Monday night. 7th District State Representative Suzanne Miles was on hand to sit in and observe the meeting before returning to Frankfort today for the beginning of the legislative session. I’ll be talking with Suzanne in the coming weeks and she will provide updates of issues and legislation being addressed in Frankfort.

Council members Kate Baker and Kembe Heine were absent from last night’s meeting.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday evening, February 1, 2016 at 6:00, but again there will be a special called meeting to approve a bid for the purchase of a new sewer pump.

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