3 applications received from Sturgis businesses to sell alcohol

You may have to wait a few more weeks to buy alcohol in the two precincts of Sturgis that voted to go wet in September.

Alcohol Beverage Control Administrator Doug Rodgers tells WMSK News there is a process that has to be followed before alcohol is allowed to be sold by a business.

As previously reported by WMSK News, registered voters in Precincts 3 and 4 went to the polls on September 8, 2015 to cast their vote on whether alcohol could be sold in the two precincts. It was a fairly low turnout, according to Union County Clerk Trey Peak, with only 215 registered voters of the approximately 750 registered voters with the two precincts turning out at the polls for the wet/dry vote.

As you may recall, the vote count at Precinct 3 was 66 votes Yes and 65 votes No for a total of 131 votes cast, and in Precinct 4 the results were 82 votes Yes and 69 votes No.

The special election was held after Councilman Doug Rogers filed a petition in August 2015 calling for the special wet/dry vote in order to boost the economy in the City of Sturgis.

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