Rep. Suzanne Miles Lauds Inclusion of Funding to Address Safety and Accessibility of Hwy. 60 in Road Plan


FRANKFORT, Ky. (April 16, 2016)-Representative Suzanne Miles, R-Owensboro, applauded passage on the final day of the 2016 Legislative Session of a two-year road plan which includes funding for an important section on Hwy. 60 in Henderson and Union Counties. Funding included in the bill will raise the section of the highway from flooding, and will be an immediate fix to the problem until funding is available for the upgrade of the entire Highway 60 in Union County.

“From day one, the section of Hwy. 60 that floods has been a major concerns for the residents and businesses who are affected by it,” said Rep. Miles. “When this part of the road floods, it cuts off residents and others who use the road from the major traffic artery in the area. Not only does is present an inconvenience, but it is also a safety concern.”

The improvement of this section of highway is a new project initiated by Rep. Miles. The road plan passed the House on a vote of 96-1 and is now on its way to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

“I made it a priority to work to ensure funding for this project was included in the road,” added Miles. “The people in Henderson and Union counties, and the surrounding areas will benefit greatly from this improvement.”

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