Paint Stripe Crew Working along US 60 in LIVINGSTON & McCRACKEN Counties TODAY


We have a paint truck and support caravan working along US 60 through Livingston County and part of McCracken County TODAY.

This slow moving-mobile work zone started working eastbound from the Ledbetter Bridge around 8 a.m., and expects to cover about 29 miles of US 60 through Livingston County and McCracken County in several passes through the day.

Due to limited passing opportunities, motorists who may encounter this caravan should allow extra travel time.

Once they complete this section of US 60 they will return to finish their striping along I-24 through the weekend.

Please use caution when you encounter this paint crew.   Remember, it take several minutes for the traffic paint to fully dry.   Please avoid driving across freshly striped areas.

This paint caravan will be working across our 12 District 1 counties for several weeks.


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