Owensboro Police: Beware of Real Estate Scam


The Owensboro Police Department has received several complaints in reference to suspected scams being posted to Craigslist.com.

The complaints involve persons who are searching for real estate to buy or rent which appears on Craigslist.com. The ad leads you to believe that the property is being listed by Century 21 Partners. The “representative” directs the victim to send money via a wire transfer prior to them emailing the victim a purchase/rental agreement.

Please be aware that Century 21 Partners here in Owensboro does not place ads with Craigslist.com. This scam is an attempt to gather your personal information and money.

As a reminder, many other scams have been seen in the past here in Owensboro. They include:
• IRS phone scams advising you owe money.
• Phone scams advising that a relative has been arrested and needs bail
• Facebook and Publisher’s Clearing House phone scams advising you have won but need to send money prior to receiving the prize.

Please refrain from providing personal information or sending money to anyone without verifying who you are dealing with.

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