HPD PIO Jennifer Richmond leads Kyndle Brown Bag


HENDERSON, KY, March 14, 2016 – If you’re in business, at some point in your career you’ll probably encounter an angry customer.

You might be put in charge of reviewing the interior design and security of your workplace.

Or you might even have to deal with a disgruntled employee.

Because all of those things are facts of life in the workplace, Officer Jennifer Richmond of the Henderson Police Department was tapped by Kyndle on Monday to lead a session titled “Workplace Safety for Small Businesses” in the organization’s Brown Bag Series, according to a release from City of Henderson Public Information a Officer Donna Stinnett.

The release says Richmond, public information officer for HPD, talked to about a dozen participants from industry, banking, public education and nonprofit organizations about the issues they might encounter in the category of workplace safety.

Regarding physical security, she gave advice about maintaining landscaping to a proper height (knee level) so that it does not become a possible hiding place around buildings. She talked about providing adequate exterior lighting, and securing water spigots to reduce vandalism and mischief.

For buildings with multiple entry points, Richmond suggested numbering exterior doors. “That can speed emergency response time if there is an incident,” she explained.

In the area of interior design and safety, she suggested having good unobstructed views and lines of sight within a room and locating cash registers appropriately. She said business owners who regularly walk to their bank to conduct business should “change it up” and vary the times they go, and should consider owning a safe.

“If you have a large deposit,” Richmond added, “call us (the police department) and we will go with you to the bank.”

At the end of the day, she advised, someone in charge of closing should check all areas of the building, including bathrooms, before locking up.

“If you’re the only one closing, get someone on the phone and say ‘Hey, I’m closing’ and keep them on the phone while you walk through,” Richmond said. “Make sure someone knows where you are and what you’re doing.”

To help manage potential loss through shoplifting or theft, she suggests keeping an inventory sheet of higher priced items, and recording the serial numbers of items that might have them.

If there’s a robbery, Richmond said, comply with demands, don’t argue and don’t touch anything the robber may have touched. “Be a good witness,” she added, noting that it’s a good idea to immediately write down everything you remember, perhaps even while you’re waiting for emergency response.

In dealing with angry customers or employees she said arguing is not good. “This will only escalate the conversation,” she said, noting that if there is potential for anger during an employee termination, HPD is available to come to “ensure the peace.”

Richmond also invited participants to attend a new session of Citizen’s Academy starting Tuesday during which everyday citizens get a chance to learn more about their police department, from how to make a traffic stop to fingerprinting and investigations to firing a weapon.

The Citizen’s Academy meets on Tuesday nights, 6-8 p.m., starting March 15 and ending with a graduation banquet on May 10. “It’s not too late to join,” she said.

For information on workplace safety, including Active Shooting Training for your workplace, contact Richmond at 270-831-1295 or email jrichmond@cityofhendersonky.org.

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