Mubea Celebrates 100th Anniversary, Highlights Innovative Apprenticeship Program


FLORENCE, Ky. (Oct. 4, 2016)- Labor Secretary Derrick Ramsey today joined Mubea CEO Doug Cain and program apprentices and graduates in Florence to highlight both the company’s centennial anniversary and tout its successful registered apprenticeship program.

The German-owned company manufactures automotive components, such as springs, hose clamps and stabilizer bars and began operating in Kentucky in 1982. Most recently, the company opened a state-of-the-art tailored rolled blank advanced manufacturing facility in 2013 – the first of its kind in North America. In total, Mubea employs 10,500 worldwide, including 1,400 in Florence.

“Reaching 100 years in operation is an accomplishment that few companies in any industry achieve, and is a mark of distinction in the business community. Mubea’s distinction is furthered by the fact that its origins and expertise stretches back nearly to the dawn of their industry,” said Gov. Matt Bevin. “One of the many successes Mubea has achieved since locating to Kentucky is creating a robust registered apprenticeship program which graduated its first nine apprentices last December. We congratulate Mubea’s success, and thank them for their continued commitment to the Commonwealth.”

Today, there are 36 apprentices being trained in the Industrial Maintenance, Machinist, Mechatronics, and Tool & Die fields. Mubea’s apprenticeship program began in 2012, and with an innovative partnership with nearby Gateway Community & Technical College, apprentices benefit from a collaborative effort that streamlines required classroom work and on-the-job training.

“Mubea’s 100th anniversary provided us a great opportunity to shine a light on their commitment to apprentices and their commitment to this community,” Sec. Ramsey said. “There are nearly 1,100 companies across the state that are a part of our ‘Kentucky Trained. Kentucky Built’ apprenticeship family, but I know there are many more companies who could benefit from this proven model. Mubea has fostered a great relationship with Gateway Community & Technical College, and my hope is that others will take notice of this community-based approach and embrace the profound impact that apprenticeships provide toward local workforce development.”

Mubea CEO Doug Cain also challenged other industry leaders to make a similar investment toward Kentucky’s workforce.
“As the manufacturing community in Kentucky at-large cannot operate as if we are in a ‘zero sum’ game, we must individually and collectively commit to investing in the future of our workforce,” Cain said. “With our $2.5 million annual budget for the apprentice program, we believe that it is essential for our future that we develop skilled talent. We are proud of our 9 graduates as well as our current 36 apprentices in training who are a true cornerstone to the future of Mubea’s success.”

Apprentices spend on average 40 hours training on-the-job and 10 hours in classroom per week over the apprenticeship’s three-and-a-half year span. Mubea accounts for all tuition expenses accrued for each apprentice. According to Michelle Flick, Apprenticeship Coordinator at Gateway Community & Technical College, both entities have teamed up to ensure that the program’s curriculum is as convenient and effective as possible for all parties.

“I am in constant communication with Mubea’s apprenticeship managers to ensure that the program curriculum is aligned with their training needs,” Flick said. “This also includes making sure apprentices can conveniently transition from work to the classroom with little to no wasted time in between. Mubea has an incredible commitment to their employees’ success and we are proud to provide strong classroom training that works toward this goal.”

One such apprentice is 22-year-old Lauren Mountford. Currently in her ninth week as a Machinist in the program, she makes the hour-long commute each way from southern Indiana every day.

“As a young woman looking to enter the Machinist field, there were certain apprehensions I had natural to almost anyone in my situation,” Mountford said. “But the encouragement and quality instruction from my mentors in the program have provided the kind of learning environment that makes all of this worthwhile. I’m thankful that I took the chance to join this program, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my career pathway.”

The “Kentucky Trained. Kentucky Built.” apprenticeship initiative was launched last month and will commit new energy and resources to providing technical and marketing expertise for Kentucky’s employers. This initiative will enable the Labor Cabinet to better identify and bring together key stakeholders who might benefit from a local apprenticeship pipeline – similar to Mubea and northern Kentucky.

Accordingly, Senator John Schickel (R-Union) and Representative Adam Koenig (R-Erlanger) offered their praise for Mubea’s success in northern Kentucky.

“Congratulations to Mubea for reaching this 100-year milestone,” Sen. Schickel said. “We are certainly blessed to have Mubea’s North American outfit headquartered in northern Kentucky because of the wide variety of opportunities it provides to our citizens and our communities. The ‘Kentucky Trained. Kentucky Built.’ apprenticeship program has been a win-win for our state and all of our corporate partners that have participated.”

“Mubea has always shown a commitment to the future, and their apprenticeship program proves just that,” said Rep. Koenig. “Their continued partnership with our community has played a large role in the success of both our economy and our workforce. I congratulate Mubea on their 100th Anniversary and I look forward to working with them in the future to ensure our region provides a world-class workforce.

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