Morganfield man facing 40 violations against animals

A Morganfield man is facing 40 violations against animals after authorities say they found a dozen dogs, several cats, chickens and other animals on his property in bad health and covered in parasites.

According to Union County Sheriff’s Deputy Tracy Steinhoff, they received a call from Union County Dog Warden Richie Jones Wednesday afternoon around 1:30 in the Whispering Meadows area where they found four small dogs in the front yard tangled up and without food or water. Upon contact with the homeowner, 64 year old Thomas Cushman, he reportedly told authorities he was in possession of 12 dogs and 5 cats and added that the animals were not licensed with the County for 2015 and they were also not vaccinated. Deputy Steinhoff indicates all of the animals were in bad health and covered in parasites.

Upon inspection of the property, authorities indicate they seized 15 chickens, 5 roosters, 3 rabbits, 12 dogs and 10 cats pending Cushman’s appearance in Union County District Court. Deputy Steinhoff says Cushman was cited and released for 40 violations against animals.

Cushman was charged with 12 counts of Cruelty to Animals 2nd Degree, 11 counts of Dogs to be Licensed and 17 County of Dogs (Cats) to be Vaccinated Against Rabies.

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