Morganfield City Council votes on City Department’s Capital Budget Request for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017

For over one hour during last night’s meeting, Morganfield City Council discussed and voted on city department’s Capital Budget Request ending for Fiscal Year June 30, 2017.

For the Administration Department, councilmen approved the following: An AED-Defibrillator for City Hall for $2708.99; And, two Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Desktop Software Packages for $898.00.

For the Police Department, councilmen approved: Nine new tasers x2’s with necessary equipment for $11,472.25; And, Five Watch guard video units for cruisers for $37,000.00.

Councilmen approved the following for the Water Department: Trade in 2015 Backhoe on 2016 for $25,000.00; 500 Residential Automated Water Meters for $100,000.00; Single Axle Dump Truck for $85,000.00; Jack hammer attachment for backhoe for $15,000.00; Pump out sand at collector well for $10,000.00; Valve and Water Line Replacement for $50,000.00; Continuing Education and Training for $2,500.00; Maintenance and Repair Supplies for $50,000.00; Hand Tools for $2,500.00; and, Building Maintenance for $50,000. Councilmen voted no on 6” trailer mounted trash pump for $45,000.00.

For the Gas Department, councilmen approved a Directional Boring Machine for $75,000.00; Hand Tools for $5,000.00; Gas Meters and Regulators for $50,000.00; Public Awareness Materials for $5,000.00; Safety Training and Equipment for $5,000.00; and, 500 Radio Read Gas Registers for $50,000.00.

Councilmen approved the following for the Water Treatment Plant: Cleaning City Tower under contact with Liquid Engineering from 2016 through 2024 for every two years for $10,585.00; Two Aurora complete rotating assemblies for #2 and #3 Low Service Pumps for $15,000.00; One Backwash Pump for $17,000.00; Building Repair for $50,000.00; and, Equipment Repair for $50,000.00

The Wastewater Department was approved for Sludge Disposal to Landfill for $90,000.00; Lab Testing for $43,000.00; Peracetic Acid for $45,000.00; Repair Concrete #1 Clarifier for $55,000.00; Equipment to Replace #2 Flights Chain/Wear Strips for $60,000.00; Equipment to Bypass Lagoon Back to CL2 Tank for $45,000.00; Building and Maintenance for $60,000.00; Equipment Repairs and Maintenance for $40,000.00; Lab Equipment and Supplies for $5,000.00; Aurora Pump for $14,000.00; Clean Sludge out of the Lagoon for $60,000.00; and, Clearspan Fabric Structures for $18,000.00.

Councilmen approved the following for the Sewer Department: Hand Tools for $2,500.00; Training for $2,500.00; Sewer Pumps and Maintenance Supplies for $50,000.00; Sewer Line Replacement and Manhole Replacement for $100,000.00; and Trailer Mounted Valve Exerciser/Hydro-Vac for $45,000.00.

The Street Department was approved for the following budget items: Trade in 2015 Backhoe on 2016 for $25,000.00; 8 Foot Electric Hydraulic Plow for $4,200.00; Snow Dog Salter for little dump trucks for $6,000.00; Concrete for Repair of Streets and Sidewalks for $30,000.00; Northstar Hot Water Pressure Washer for $2,500.00; One Bad Boy 60” Cut Mower for $6,575.00; 6”Wilton Vise for $260.00; Two Break-a-way Barricades for $370.00: New Lights for Maintenance Shop for $4,875.00; and, Shop Tools for $2,500.00.

And councilmen approved the following for the Fire Department: Physio-control Lifepak 1000 AED with Hard Shell Water Proof Case for $2,890.69; Training Laptop and Video Projector for $1,500.00; Training Materials/Instructors Manual and Student Manuals for $3,209.42; Fire Prevention and Volunteer Recruitment Materials for $1,500.00; Ten Pair of Structural Firefighting Gloves for $1,390.00; Thermal Imaging Camera w/two Charges for $11,000.00; Three Complete Sets of Turnout Gear (Coats, Pants, Helmets, Boots, Hoods & Gloves) for $9,246.00; Plywood and Lumber needed as part of the Shoring Equipment for confined space/trench rescue team for $1,800.33; Yearly Testing, upgrade and Maintenance on the 18 self-contained breathing apparatus for $1,800.00; Couch and Two Recliners for living quarters for $1,800.00; City Contribution of 5% of $460,000 if awarded an applied for grant for a new fire engine for $23,000.00; and, Two 36” Griff Hooks Forcible Entry Tools for $162.50.

The next regularly scheduled Morganfield City Council meeting will be held Thursday afternoon March 24, 2016 at 5:00.

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