KYTC reduces load limit on Little Mason Creek Bridge in Union County


The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has reduced the load limit on the Little Mason Creek Bridge along KY 359 in UNION County.

According to spokesman Keith a Todd, the Little Mason Creek Bridge at KY 359 at mile point 6.160 has been reduced to a 3-ton load limit due to the condition of the timber substructure. This bridge is along KY 359 just west of the KY 1179 intersection.

Todd indicates the bridge has been restricted to a 22-ton load limit. He says the new 3-ton load limit will be posted at the bridge ends. Inspectors will also put the bridge on an accelerated inspection schedule.

The 3-ton load limit essentially restricts traffic on the bridge to vehicles no heavier than an unloaded pickup truck.

There are two bridges along KY 359 that are scheduled to be replaced in the near future, according to Todd. KYTC engineers will be evaluating the Little Mason Creek Bridge to determine if a repair plan can be developed that might allow the load limit to be raised until it can be replaced.

The load limit sign for all bridges is placed at the bridge end. Todd says commercial truck drivers are required to be aware of load limits on their planned route and can be cited for failing to obey those load limits.

All Kentucky bridges get a detailed inspection every 2 years with long-span bridges over rivers and lakes getting an extra annual walk-through inspection annually.

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