Henderson Police investigating burglaries

Local authorities are investigating a burglary after a female reported a masked man was standing in her kitchen when she got out of the shower.

Henderson Police officers responded to the 21 year old female’s home on North Adams Street around 9:00 Friday night after the female ran into another room and locked the door after seeing the man in a white mask and wearing a black hoodie standing in her kitchen. A short time later, the female reportedly went to a neighbor’s home for help. Authorities say the 21 year old did not notice anything missing from her home.

According to police, the door to the woman’s home had been kicked in, and neighbors in the area stated they heard several loud bangs and saw two males run out of the home.

Meanwhile, Henderson Police also are investigating a burglary at a home on Richardson Avenue that occurred Friday. Police report a female stated she was gone for a few days and when she returned home she could not find her key. Once inside, the female told police her electronics and clothing were missing.

Anyone with information on either of these cases is asked to contact Henderson Crime Stoppers at (270) 831-1111 or the Henderson Police Department at (270) 831-1295.

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