HCSO: 38 year old man rescued from flood waters and charged for contempt of court

A 38 year old man was rescued from flood water from the Ohio River Tuesday morning.

According to the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, they responded to Old Henderson-Evansville Road around 10:30 Tuesday morning after they learned of a vehicle stranded in the water since sometime Monday afternoon. The Henderson County Rescue Squad and the sheriff’s office were unable to get close enough to the vehicle due to the swift water and it becoming dark, but report they did call out and there was no response.

Around 10:00 Tuesday morning as the rescue squad and sheriff’s office were attempting to reach the vehicle with a military truck, authorities say a person came out from inside the vehicle, got on the vehicle’s roof and was then moved to safety.

The sheriff’s office says the man was identified as John Bean who stated he had driven into the water and was trying to turn around when he became stranded. According to the report, Bean was a participant in the Henderson County Drug Program and had walked away from his placement residence in Owensboro on Monday.

Bean was treated for frost bite and dehydration at Methodist Hospital and then lodged in the Henderson County Detention Center for Contempt of Court for absconding from the drug program.

John Bean

(Source: Henderson Co. Detention Center)

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