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GRADD Welcomes Governor Jiri Rozboril, Olomoucky Kraj, Czech Republic

GRADD Welcomes Governor Jiri Rozboril, Olomoucky Kraj, Czech Republic

Bill Stephens

August 19th, 2016



The GRADD Board of Directors will be officially welcoming its sister region delegation to the GRADD region.

The delegation from the Olomoucky Kraj is led by Governor Jiri Rozboril, Vice Governor Yvonna Kubjatove, Vice Governor Pavel Soltys and other dignitaries.

The visit from the 12 member delegation is to compliment and affirm the sister region cooperation agreement that was signed by GRADD and the Olomoucky Kraj in 2007.

Since the beginning of this unique cooperation between the two regions, several exchanges have taken place among public, private, and nonprofit leaders, such as:

  • Governmental Cooperation and Best Practices;
  • Economic Development and Entrepreneurial Potential;
  • Education, Science, and Sports;
  • Healthcare, Social and Human Services; and
  • The establishment of the GRADD/Olomoucky Kraj Area Link (GOAL) for continued Volunteer Exchanges.

GRADD also held an International Export/Import Economic Summit last year with participants from the Olomoucky Kraj, the Kentucky World Trade Center, state and regional economic development practitioners and industries.

This event was the result of GRADD visits to Olomouc by a delegation led by GRADD’s past chairman Mr. Bill Parrish, Owensboro City Manager.

“As the world becomes smaller, in these modern times, it is imperative that we reach out to other regions across the globe,” Gov. Rozboril commented.  “Olomoucky Kraj has over eight other partnerships across Europe and one with GRADD in the USA.”  He further added, “our partnership with GRADD has been the most successful and productive in spite of the distance and language barrier.”

“It is important that both regions continue to collaborate to create business partnerships, entrepreneurial opportunities, and opportunities to market our products and talents in the Czech Republic,” Chairman McCaslin stated.  “Personal contacts among private sectors through such visits will last a lifetime, creating potential for both and in turn improve the quality of life for citizens in both regions,” he added.

Gov. Rozboril and Chairman McCaslin will be signing a document to further support and implement the mission of the partnership and cooperation agreement between the Olomouc Region and GRADD that was first signed in 2007.

While in the GRADD region, the Czech delegation will be visiting Domtar and Dal Tile plants in Hancock County, the Center for Business and Research in Owensboro, as well as the O.Z. Tyler Distillery, also in Owensboro.

In addition to this, the delegation will tour Gumz Horse Farm in Morganfield and Columbia Sportswear in Henderson County.

There will be an economic development meeting between the delegation and public and private leaders from Kyndle in Henderson.

Along with the delegation GRADD, is honored to welcome three volunteers who were chosen for their dedication for the betterment for the citizens of Olomouc.  The GRADD/Olomoucky Kraj Area Link (GOAL) provides opportunities for volunteers in both regions to visit and understand how social services and nonprofit organizations operate and learn best practices to be successful.  Their area of expertise ranges from a volunteer firefighter, a senior companion, and Mr. Jaroslav Strejcek, who established “the Little Noah Foundation” which supports orphanages and foster care.  Housing is one of the foundation’s projects, which helps construct flats for adolescents, who will be leaving the home to their first apartment “out on their own.”  The foundation has helped with the construction of such flats in Olomouc and proposed further construction within the whole Olomouc region.  Start-up housing projects are financed by the foundation via “I Grow with My Tree” project, where a tree is planted by the foundation and it has its own patron, that donates money. The foundation has already planted more than 270 trees and also established “the Orchard of Little Noah” in Velký Týnec, a flower garden called “Little Noah” in Přerov and “Park of Little Noah” in Olomouc.

Mr. Strejcek stated, “I am extremely proud and honored for GRADD to plant a “Little Noah” tree in honor of our foundation.

The delegation will be departing on Sunday, August 28, 2016.

For more information or questions, please contact Jiten Shah at 270-926-4433 or at jitenshah@gradd.com.

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