Governor Matt Bevin Proclaims June as Dairy Month

FRANKFORT, KY — Gov. Matt Bevin, joined by members of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the Kentucky Dairy Development Council, on Friday proclaimed June as Dairy Month in Kentucky, saluting the hard-working people in the Commonwealth’s dairy industry.

“Milk is the official beverage of Kentucky,” said Gov. Bevin.  “Dairy farmers and products make a vital contribution to the Commonwealth economy.  With more than 63,000 milking cows, we produce more than 125 million gallons of milk. We encourage all Kentuckians to help us honor the contributions of dairy farmers and their families who work hard every day to provide fresh, wholesome milk and milk products for all to enjoy.”

“The heritage and pride our dairy farmers and producers have in their products serves as a model for agriculture in Kentucky,” Commissioner Quarles said. “They make a valuable contribution to our economy and our way of life. When you enjoy a glass of milk, or a bowl of ice cream, or a slice of cheese be sure to thank our friends and neighbors in the dairy industry.”

Kentucky had 646 dairy farms as of April 1, and the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) reported that 61,000 Kentucky dairy cows produced more than 1 billion pounds of milk in 2015, 27th in the nation. Kentucky farm cash receipts from the sale of milk totaled $192 million in 2015, the NASS said. Kentucky has six commercial milk processing plants and two milk drying plants as well as numerous artisan cheese makers.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture collaborates with the Kentucky Dairy Development Council, the University of Kentucky, Kentucky Farm Bureau, the American Dairy Association of Kentucky and other organizations to assist and promote the Commonwealth’s dairy industry.

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