Eagle Viewing Excursions Offered At Land Between The Lakes

GOLDEN POND, Ky. (AP) — Excursions to view bald eagles at Land Between the Lakes are being held in January and February.

The Woodlands Nature Station will host viewing cruises and van tours that give visitors a chance to see the birds in their natural habitat, according to a statement from the Friends of Land Between the Lakes.

Cruises will depart from Kenlake State Resort Park marina on Jan. 14-16 and van tours will be offered on weekends from January through mid-February. Both excursions will include naturalists from the Woodlands Nature Station, who will help guests spot eagles and other wildlife such as turkeys and herons.

Biologists counted nearly 140 bald eagles wintering in the Land Between the Lakes area in 2018, naturalist John Pollpeter said. The area’s 300 miles of undeveloped, forested shoreline provides eagles with an ideal habitat, Pollpeter said.

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area includes more than 170,000 acres of forests, wetlands and open lands in western Kentucky and Tennessee.

Source: Assosiated Press.

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