38% Turn-out for General Election in Union Co., School Occupational Tax fails to be approved by voters

It was a good turn-out in Union County Tuesday for the General Election.

Tuesday morning Union County Clerk Trey Peak had predicted a 40% turn-out stating he believed the school occupational tax would bring more registered voters in the county into the polls. After all of the votes were tallied last night, Peak says there was a 38% turn-out for the General Election.

After the defeat of the .5 (half-percent) occupational tax for the Union County Public Schools, Superintendent Sheffer told WMSK News it was a sad day for students and there are some tough decisions ahead.

She also expressed what is of the utmost importance to her.

I tried to contact Darryl Huff of U.C. Votes, the registered committee formed to have the occupational tax recalled and placed on the November ballot, but I was unsuccessful.

The final tally of the half-percent occupational tax votes were 2,105 votes Against and 1,569 votes For…a difference 536 votes.

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