Winners of Sturgis Halloween Costume Contest

Laura Elder of United Community Bank has released the names of the winners who participated in the Sturgis Halloween Costume Contest. They are as follows:

0 – 18 months
Cutest – Jolene Buzzard (Monsters Inc)
Scariest – Elizabeth Mendoza (Bat)
Most Original – William McCloud (Monkey)

19 month to 3 years
Cutest – Bo Bealmear (Hot Dog)
Scariest – Maxwell Dyer (Knight)
Most Original – James Powell (Mouse in Mousetrap)

4 – 7
Cutest – Lailly Stevens (Rainbow Zebra)
Scariest – Zachary Evans (Vampire)
Most Original – Dillon Berry (Beetlejuice)

8 – 12
Cutest – Marriah Velez (Poison Ivy)
Scariest – Hannah Basham (Walking Dead Zombie)
Most Original – Malorie Eagan (Rubix cube)

13 and Older
Cutest – Cissy Thurmond (Pa Pa Smurf)
Scariest – Charles Stone (Jason)
Most Original – Nicole Berry (Barbara from Beetlejuice)

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