Vendor double charges more than 7,000 Kentucky tax accounts

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — A vendor collecting taxes for the state of Kentucky accidentally collected twice from more than 7,000 accounts on Wednesday.

Kentucky Department of Revenue spokesperson Jill Midkiff called the problem a “technical glitch.” The department has instructed private vendor Kentucky Interactive to identify the source of the glitch so it does not happen again, Midkiff told the Lexington Herald-Leader. The company also will compensate anyone for overdraft fees they incurred.

Kentucky Interactive, which manages the agency’s online tax payment system, duplicated 7,881 electronic tax payments, but was able to void 5,355 before they were processed.

Daniel Freed is one of the 2,526 people whose double payment was already processed before the glitch was discovered.

“It was a little concerning,” said Freed, a freelance television news producer who lives in Lexington. He said he had enough money in the account that the double-payment did not cause any checks to bounce. He was grateful on Friday to have his money back where it belongs.

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