US 60 Traffic Signal Upgrade at Barret Boulevard in HENDERSON scheduled for Thursday, Aug 4


As part of ongoing upgrades to traffic signals across the region, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) plans to upgrade signal heads and phasing at the US 60 intersection with Barret Boulevard in Henderson on Thursday, August 4, 2016.

Motorists should be alert for a signal crew working in the intersection in close proximity to traffic flow throughout the day, Thursday, and possibly into Friday.

The KYTC District 2 signal crew has been converting protected/permitted 5-section traffic signal head arrangements to 4- section heads with flashing yellow arrows across the region as their work schedule has allowed.  The upgrades at this busy intersection are designed to improve traffic flow efficiency and enhance safety.

Changes to the signal configuration include:

  • Addition of a southbound protected/permissive left turn movement for southbound Barret Boulevard.  This will include the installation of a 4-section flashing yellow left turn signal head for the southbound Barret Boulevard Left turn movement and will allow a dedicated/protected left turn movement for southbound Barrett Boulevard, as well as a permissive left turn after yielding to northbound through traffic.
  • Upgrade of protected/permissive left turn signal heads for both US 60 eastbound and westbound left turn movements.  This will include the removal of the 5-section protected/permissive signal heads and installing 4-section flashing yellow left turn signal heads for both eastbound and westbound left turn lanes as well as the addition of another 3 section signal head for through traffic.
  • Northbound Barret Boulevard left turn will continue to be a protected-only dual left turn movement.

The biggest change for motorists is that most turns at the intersection will now have a green arrow protected turn followed by red, then a flashing yellow to indicate turns are permitted after yielding to oncoming traffic.

Motorists should be alert for changes in traffic flow the new phasing will create at this busy intersection.  Motorists should use appropriate caution as signal technicians go about their work to complete the upgrade on Thursday.  Some work at the site could continue into Friday.

More than 16,000 vehicles travel through this signal on US 60 in an average day.  This signal at Barret Boulevard is at US 60 mile point 10.6, just east of the US 41 North Henderson Cloverleaf.  Barret Boulevard serves as the entrance to Walmart and Lowes.

A crash history review found a number of rear-end crashes on all legs of the intersection, but indicated no other significant crash patterns.  Transportation engineers also conducted a speed study for US 60 at this location.  No need for a speed limit change was indicated.

KYTC District 2 is responsible for maintaining nearly 300 traffic signals across the 11 county region.

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