Uniontown’s Mayor and Union Co. Volunteer Fire Chief will step-down

Uniontown City Council will be appointing a new mayor soon after the current mayor was hired as Morganfield’s fire chief.

Mayor Rick Millikan, who was hired as the Chief of the Morganfield Fire Department Morganfield City Council last month, says he will be stepping down as Uniontown’s Mayor.

He adds that he will also be stepping down as the Chief of the Union County Volunteer Fire Department.

He notes the Union County Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief, his son, Josh Millikan, will be the acting chief until their annual election of officers is held in January 2016.

Millikan was hired as the Morganfield Fire Chief during the regular meeting of Morganfield City Council on November 19th to replace the former chief, Brian Gilbert, who was terminated from the position effective October 30, 2015.

Millikan will begin his new position as Morganfield’s Fire Chief on December 31st.

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