Union County Fiscal Court discusses public forum being added to agenda

During the meeting Tuesday morning, Union County Fiscal Court discussed the likelihood of a public forum at the conclusion of the business section of each meeting.

Judge Executive Jody Jenkins says the issue arose at the last fiscal court meeting when there was a motion on the floor to adjourn and then it was brought up about allowing a public discussion at the end of the meetings. He said it was only right that he place it on Tuesday’s agenda for a discussion.

District 5 Magistrate Joe Clements lead off the discussion saying he did not have a problem with public comments after the business portion of the meeting, but it should be handled orderly and professionally.

District 4 Magistrate Joe Wells said he agreed with Clements. He added that they need to hear the topic beforehand so fiscal court is not blindsided and so they can research and have a response.

District 1 Magistrate Gary Day stated they are there to represent their constituents and they have a right to voice their opinion, but he does agree it is a business meeting. He added that not everyone may realize that the judge is the leader of fiscal court.

District 2 Magistrate Jerri Floyd and District 3 Magistrate Chuck Voss also voiced their agreement and support of allowing someone to speak, but they need to be placed on the agenda.

When asked by District 1 constituent George Blakeley, who said he was there on behalf of Bobby Veatch, if citizens would be able to address a motion, Judge Executive Jody Jenkins replied that a motion is not open for public discussion.

In other business, magistrates unanimously approved the second reading of the 2015-2016 Budget Amendment of nearly 292-thousand dollars.

Judge Jenkins also updated magistrates on a conversation he had with the Speaker of the House regarding coal severance funds and the affect it will have on Union County. I’ll have a story on that discussion, coming up in the next couple of days.

The next regularly scheduled fiscal court meeting will be Tuesday morning, March 8, 2016 at 9:00.


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