Union Co. Public Schools’ 3-Year Strategic Plan Presented at Board Meeting

Union County Public Schools’ Superintendent Patricia Sheffer presented a new three-year Strategic Plan for the school district at last night’s school board meeting held at the Culinary Arts Building on the campus of the Earle C. Clements Job Corps.

Superintendent Sheffer stated the strategic plan came from feedback of conversations with community members, like Union County Economic Development goals for education as a business, as well as school staff. In addition, she said the District Leadership Team attended a Strategic Planning Process through the Kentucky Association of School Administrators and started looking at the school district’s mission.

She added that all of this is based on their strong beliefs.

Ms. Sheffer then presented the district’s strategic plan objectives broken down into three goals: Life Success, Career Success and College Success.

She explained the first goal of Life Success is to inspire students to become well-rounded individuals and with three objectives: Connectedness, Productivity and Adaptability.

She stated the second goal is Career Success, to inspire students to become quality employees with the objectives of Transitions at all levels, Extended Learning and Multiple Pathways.

And the third goal is College Success, to inspire students for college success through personalized learning through Advanced Learning, Project Based Learning and Lead Learning.

Overall, Ms. Sheffer added they want to remove all barriers and obstacles for their students to be effective leaders.

Board members unanimously approved the plan.

For more details of the district’s 3-Year Strategic Plan, visit this story on our website at wmskamfm.com.

In other action, board members heard an update regarding Victory Tech and Earle C. Clements Job Corp where Director of Finance and Administrations Tessa Gough and Director of Educational Services Carla Miller presented an update and discussed how they are giving back to the community, as well as a Y2Y committee that focuses on anti-bullying and harassment of students. In addition, both women praised Superintendent Sheffer for her positive communication and the strongest relationship Job Corps has had with the local school district in eighteen years.

And Public Relations Coordinator Malinda Beauchamp recognized Communications Director recognized 17 retirees. The retirees on hand included: Alice Henshaw, Rebecca Oliver, Carol Martin, Linda Penrod, Herman Moman, Jerry Gibson and Zelinda Fellows.

At the end of the meeting, a motion was made to go into closed session to discuss the Superintendent’s Evaluation. After about 15 minutes, board members returned and called the meeting back to order and Board Chairwoman Jennifer Buckman read the board’s evaluation of Superintendent Sheffer.

In return, Ms. Sheffer said she appreciated their remarks and the progress that’s been made.

The next regularly scheduled board of education meeting will be Monday, July 28, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at Morganfield Elementary School.

(Below is the 3-Year Strategic Plan)

Strategic Planning One-Page Graphic REVISED on LEGAL2


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