Union Co. Public School New Automated Calling System Messenger Test 5pm Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Union County Public Schools is in the process of transitioning to a new automated calling system. School officials say the School Messenger system incorporates some of the latest technology allowing the schools to communicate with customers in a variety of ways.

With the new calling system, Public Relations Coordinator Malinda Beauchamp says in a release Union County Schools will be sending out automated calls, emails and texts simultaneously, allowing the district to meet the diverse needs of students’ families.

With the transition, Beauchamp says UCPS will be testing the new system to ensure the most up-to-date records have been uploaded. The test call and email will be going out this (Wednesday) afternoon at 5:00. If you do not receive the test call and want to ensure you receive them in the future, you will need to contact Malinda at (270 ) 389-1694 or via email at Malinda.beauchamp@union.kyschools.us and leave the name of your child, and the phone number to be added. If you receive the test call and want to be removed from the list, Beauchamp says you can press the number 5 at any time during the message for the opt-out menu.

She says there are some great new features which will be explained in the standard introduction on every call. You can press 1 to skip the introduction and hear the call immediately. You can press the # (pound key) to place the call on hold for up to two minutes, and you can press * (star) at any time to replay the message. And if you would like to opt out from receiving the calls, again just press 5 anytime during the message for the opt out menu.

School officials say the School Messenger system also has a texting feature that will be activated after the initial calling start-up. To receive text messages, school officials indicate you will have to “opt in” by replying to an invitation text.

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