Union Co. Clerk predicts a larger voter turn-out Tuesday due to occupational tax question on ballot

Registered voters in Union County will head to the polls tomorrow to cast their vote for governor and other state officials as well as a local question of whether you are in favor of or against a school occupational tax for the Union County Public School District.

Union County Clerk Trey Peak tells WMSK News what voters will see on the ballot when they enter the voting booth.

And regarding the question at the end of the ballot, Peak says make sure you mark for or against.

The question is asking if you are in favor, or against, a school occupational tax of half of one-percent (.5%) for businesses and individuals working and living in Union County, ( retirement income not taxed) in order to avoid reducing student services/programs in the Union County Public School District due to inadequate state funding.

As you may recall, the school board voted on May 6th on the half-percent occupational tax which was approved by board members by a 3-2 vote during a special called meeting. Board Chairperson Jennifer Buckman and District 5 Board member James Ricketts cast the nay votes.

Superintendent Patricia Sheffer held several Community Meetings around the county to explain the district’s need for the half-percent occupational tax which she stated was to make up for an over 1-million dollar budget shortfall for 2016-2017 or the district was in jeopardy of losing many educational, extra-curricular and sports programs if the occupational tax was not levied.

A registered committee (UC Votes.org) was formed in opposition of the school district’s occupational tax and 605 registered voters put their signature on a petition to have it recalled, thus the measure was placed on the November ballot for the General Election.

As far as a General Election prediction of turn-out of voters, Peak believes the occupational tax question will bring more voters to the polls.

County Clerk Trey Peak notes there are no changes at any of the 16 precincts in the county.

Polls will open at 6:00 Tuesday morning and close at 6:00 Tuesday night.

Due to UK programming Tuesday night, WMSK News will have the Union County results of the General Election after 7:00 p.m..

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