UCHS/UCMS KMEA Solo and Ensemble Results

Results of Saturday’s KMEA Solo and Ensemble held at Owensboro Catholic High School

 Middle School:

Josiah Townsend-Snare Drum-Distinguish Rating 

Jason Mosley-Trumpet-Distinguish Rating

Dakota Padgett-Tuba-Distinguish Rating

Alexis Campbell-Clarinet-Distinguish Rating

Aubrey Bryant-Alto Saxophone-Distinguish Rating

Deacon Henderson-Euphonium-Distinguish Rating

Taylor Dayberry-Flute-Proficient Plus Rating


High School:

Brooklyn Yates-Trumpet-Distinguish Rating (Recommended to State)

Kayla Stone-Trumpet-Distinguish Rating (Recommended to State)

Amy Mosley-Trumpet-Distinguish Rating(Recommended to State)

Katy Berry-French Horn-Distinguish Rating(Recommended to State

Hannah Pike-French Horn-Distinguish Rating(Recommended to State)

Kobe Timmons-Euphonium-Distinguish Rating(Recommended to State)

UC Brass Ensemble-Distinguish Plus Rating(Recommended to State)

UC Saxophone Quartet-Distinguish Rating(Recommended to State)

Nelson Lay-Saxophone-Distinguish Rating

Makenzie Guthrie-Saxophone-Distinguish Rating

Hannah Trent-Clarinet-Distinguish Rating

Savannah Haskins-Clarinet-Distinguish Rating

Lexi Lamb-Tenor Saxophone-Distinguish Rating

Alex Cooke-Trombone-Distinguish Rating

Jacob Mosley-Clarinet-Proficient Plus Rating

Riley Hardacre-Timpani Percussion-Proficent Plus Rating

 UCHS/UCMS Band Director Kyle Payton says it was a great day for all band students who attended.

042716 KMEA Results

(Credit: Kyle Payton)

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