Traffic stop in Posey Co., Ind. lands 2 Mt. Vernon residents in jail for dealing marijauna


Posey County Sheriff Chief Deputy Tom Latham reports around 10:00 Saturday morning, a deputy was on routine patrol when he observed a traffic violation on Overpass Road. According to the report, the deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the driver of the vehicle continued for about 250 yards before stopping on his driveway. After the driver stopped he quickly exited his vehicle where the deputy gave commands for the driver to get back in his vehicle. The driver refused and he was ultimately placed in handcuffs. There was also a female passenger who exited as well. The driver was identified as 22 year-old Ebon Wolf of Mt. Vernon and passenger 19 year-old Amber Ball also of Mt. Vernon, Indiana.

The report states during the traffic stop the deputy requested permission to search the vehicle, which was denied. The deputy reportedly was able to secure a search warrant for the car and found dried plant material which tested positive for marijuana. In addition to many separate packages of marijuana there were other items indicating dealing such as scales, and empty unused bags commonly used for packaging, according to the report.

The sheriff’s office indicates Wolf admitted the marijuana was his and Ball admitted she knew the marijuana was in the car. The total weight of the marijuana was over a quarter pound.

Both Wolf and Ball were arrested and booked in the Posey County Jail for dealing marijuana.

020816 Ball Arrest Picture020816 Wolf Arrest Picture

(Source: Posey Co. Sheriff’s Dept.)

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