Traffic signal at KY 109/Adams Street intersection in downtown Sturgis to be removed on Friday, March 18

The only traffic signal in downtown Sturgis will be removed this week.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet plans to remove the stop light at the intersection of KY 109/5th Street and Adams Street in Sturgis on Friday.

The traffic signal has been in flashing mode since November 20, 2015 in order to allow engineers to study how well traffic moved through the intersection without the signal in operation. State transportation officials say there have been no traffic crashes at the 5th and Adams Street intersection since the signal was taken out of service and placed in flashing mode.

The stoplight at this intersection is no longer feasible, according to Sturgis Mayor Mike Hardesty.

State officials indicate approximately 3-thousand vehicles travel through the 5th and Adams Streets intersection, which is one block north of the KY 109 and US 60 intersection in Sturgis.

KYTC personnel expect to be on the site a few hours stating at 10:00 Friday morning to remove signal heads at the intersection. Officials say a contractor will return to the site within a few weeks to remove support cables, wiring, and poles associated with the traffic light, which is expected to take about a day to complete.


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