TRAFFIC ADVISORY – Update on Daytime Work Zone Restriction on Bi-State Memorial Twin Bridges

UPDATE on Daytime Work Zone Lane Restriction Planned on US 41 Twin Bridges at Henderson for FRIDAY & MONDAY:

The inspection team working on the US 41 Twin Bridges between Henderson and Evansville has made good progress on the NORTHBOUND bridge, today. This will allow the inspection team to move to the southbound bridge as planned on Friday and Monday, August 24 & 27, 2018.

Use of an Under Bridge Inspection Vehicle (UBIV) to facilitate inspection activities on the southbound bridge will require southbound lane restrictions. Motorists should be prepared to encounter a southbound lane restriction between approximately 8:30 a.m., CDT, and 3:00 p.m., Monday & Friday.

Southbound motorists should be alert for slowing and merging traffic at they approach the US 41 Twin Bridges. Appropriate caution is required.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet personnel have been making use of the lane restrictions for the inspection work to complete brush cutting activities along the bridge approaches. Combining this maintenance activity with the inspection will reduce the need for future lane restrictions.

In addition, some inspectors will be climbing on the bridges on Saturday, August 25th to finish out inspection activities. No lane restrictions will be required while climbers are on the bridge structure on Saturday. Motorists should be alert for vehicles with emergency lights dropping off inspectors and their equipment along the bridge deck during the day on Saturday.

No inspection activity is planned along the US 41 Twin Bridges on Sunday.

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