Traffic Advisory – Heavy Rainfall Overnight Creates Hazards on the Morning Commute

While we do not have reports of roadway flooding at specific locations in our District 2 counties, we had several counties with flash flood warnings overnight.

Motorists are advised to use extreme caution on the morning commute. As crews have been out checking highways they’ve found a number of areas where water on the roadway is obscured by leaves that fell during the rain. The leaves float on top of the water and make it appear they are on top of the pavement when they are actually floating on top of water that has backed onto the edge of the pavement.

It is difficult to tell where the leaves end and the water begins at these locations. This will continue to create a hazard until daylight improves visibility.

With ground saturated across the region and some significant bands of rainfall moving through additional flooding is possible. Motorists should slow down and use appropriate caution.

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