The Women’s Hospital has been designated as a Perinatal Center by the ISDH. This designation establishes The Women’s Hospital as a leader in providing care to women and infants in Indiana and the Tri-State area. This designation recognizes The Women’s Hospital’s ability to provide advanced care for more complex maternal medical conditions, obstetric complications and fetal conditions.

All Indiana hospitals and birthing centers are either required to be designated as a Perinatal Center, or are required to affiliate with a facility that has received Perinatal Center designation. 

“Perinatal Centers have a responsibility to our affiliate hospitals to provide them with education and services to ensure that every woman and infant in the region receives the highest-quality care, no matter where they live,” said Chris Ryan, CEO, The Women’s Hospital.

The Perinatal Center initiative was overseen by the Indiana Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaboration (IPQIC), as part of their ongoing focus to improve maternity care and reduce infant mortality. IPQIC appointed Chris Ryan, CEO of The Women’s Hospital, as co-chair of the Standards Committee.  The Standards Committee created the Levels of Care designation for hospitals in Indiana, and created the Perinatal Center designation statewide.  

 “Our staff’s tremendous dedication to pregnant mothers and their babies is reflected in this Perinatal Center designation,” said Ryan. “Throughout our region, this designation gives pregnant women, their partners and their physicians specific information to help them choose the birthing facility that is best for them.”


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