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Teachers flock to run for office in Kentucky

Teachers flock to run for office in Kentucky

Bill Stephens

January 25th, 2018


ADAM BEAM, Associated Press

FRAKNFORT, Ky. (AP) — More than 25 current and former educators are running for a seat in the Kentucky state legislature in 2018.
It’s the most teachers to run for office in one year, according to David Allen, the former president of the Kentucky Education Association who’s been tracking a list of teachers running for office.
Of the at least 25 who’ve filed so far, 22 are Democrats. In interviews, most say they’re running because of opposition to charter schools and concern for the proposed changes to the teachers’ retirement system. Some say they’re also upset at some of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin’s comments about state workers.
The deadline to file for office is Jan. 30.

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