Sturgis City Council approves stoplight removal, discusses lack of funds for 6th Street sidewalks

During last night’s meeting, Sturgis City Council briefly discussed a stoplight removal within the city and the lack of funds to install sidewalks along 6th Street.

After a recent study by the state, as previously reported by WMSK News, Mayor Mike Hardesty informed council members he has been contacted by the state asking for a letter from the City of Sturgis approving the removal of the stoplight at Adams Street.

Public Works Superintendent Jeff Wilson stated he did not have a lot to report other than they have completed a lot of blacktop work around the city, cleaned up on Kelsey Street and removed dirt on Old Providence Road. He did indicate there has been a considerable drop in water consumption, which City Clerk Cindy Carr noted there was also said a huge drop in the water bill due to the leak repair.

Wilson added there was also a considerable difference at the Waste Water Plant where the City went from treating 12-million gallons of water down to treating 3.9-million gallons of water.

In other news business, B.F. Allen and Robert Greenwell asked city council members to seriously consider installing sidewalks along 6th Street. When Wilson and Mayor Hardesty informed the two men the City does not have the funding for the project due to the money being used for blacktopping projects, both men said they feel this neighborhood has been neglected for way too long.

All council members agreed they would like to see the sidewalks installed along 6th Street, but agreed the City just didn’t have the funding in this Fiscal Year’s Budget. Mayor Hardesty instructed Wilson to get a contractor or engineer to give the City a bid on what the project would cost; however, he reiterated to the two men it is not in the budget to do any kind of sidewalk work at this time.

In old business, council members unanimously approved the 2nd Readings of the Amendment to the Personnel Policy Ordinance, the Amendment to the ABC Ordinance adding the two recent precincts that went wet and the Code of Enforcement Policy.

The next regularly scheduled Sturgis City Council meeting will be held Monday night, November 2nd, at 6:00.

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