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Stop Red Light Running Awareness Week — Nov. 22-28

Stop Red Light Running Awareness Week — Nov. 22-28

Bill Stephens

November 25th, 2015


“Don’t squeeze the lemon!”

That’s the theme for this year’s 16th annual Stop Red Light Running Awareness Week in Daviess County, which will be observed November 22-28.

GRADD transportation staff is urging motorists to exercise caution at intersections and not to race through yellow lights.

Planned to coincide with the busy Thanksgiving travel period, the Stop Red Light Running campaign seeks to draw attention to an issue that plays a significant role in local traffic accidents.

“Red light running is a leading factor in wrecks reported at high crash locations here in Owensboro,” said GRADD regional transportation planner Gina Boaz. “It is a totally preventable cause of accidents, and we want to educate the public about its dangers.”

While the Owensboro Police Department and Daviess County Sheriff’s Department step up their patrols, GRADD staff will host an information booth at Towne Square Mall during Thanksgiving week.

The campaign is a joint venture between GRADD, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, and the Federal Highway Administration (FHwA).

FHwA estimates that more than 2.3 million automobile crashes occur at intersections each year, resulting in 733,000 injuries, 7,770 fatalities, and up to $96 billion in lost wages, medical bills, and damages.

“The time saved by avoiding a red light averages 47 seconds—definitely not worth the potential cost in human life,” added Boaz.

For more information, please visit www.GRADD.com or contact Gina Boaz at (270) 926-4433.

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