Speaker Stumbo’s Threats of Impeachment are Desperate Attempt to Save Political Career

Speaker Stumbo’s Threats of Impeachment are Desperate Attempt to Save Political Career

Bill Stephens

August 31st, 2016



Democrats stand to lose control of the House for the first time in 95 years. Today’s desperate political stunts orchestrated by Speaker Greg Stumbo show why so many Kentuckians are ready for new leadership in the House.

House Democrats have failed for years to address the failing pensions of state workers and teachers and have blocked efforts at transparency for these pensions. Now, to distract voters from the facts, Greg Stumbo is recycling a tired old political trick. Betting that people will be fooled by his idle chatter, he is attempting to change the subject through outrageous and untrue stories.

Speaker Stumbo’s threats to impeach Gov. Bevin over a delayed road project in Jessamine County are ridiculous. The Courier-Journal previously reported on problems with the project. Attached are two previously unreleased memos by career lawyers at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) that show that the delay was both legally and appropriately handled.

In one email from February 2016, the deputy General Counsel at KYTC under former Gov. Beshear stated, “The project is one that should have never been let much less executed contracts on.”

“Speaker Stumbo, who doesn’t even live in the district he claims to represent, has lost all credibility with the people of Kentucky. He has spent much of his political career threatening Kentuckians with legal action to the degree that it is difficult for intelligent people to take him seriously. It is remarkable that House Democrats continue to allow him to serve as their leader,” said Jessica Ditto, Communications Director.

“Speaker Stumbo’s erratic behavior and foolish comments are an embarrassment to the Commonwealth. Kentuckians deserve better than such buffoonery from our leaders. Gov. Bevin, on the other hand, is leading Kentucky to a more financially stable and prosperous future. He is fighting for more jobs, transparency, and a stronger pension system for teachers and state workers. It is unfortunate that he must do this with no help from Democrat party leadership.


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