September 30th to October 4th 2019 is Fall Severe Weather Preparedness Week for our region – NWS

Fall brings an increase in the risk of severe thunderstorms for our region according to the National Weather Service in Paducah. Tornadoes, large hail, flash floods and damaging thunderstorm winds are generally a greater risk for our region in October and November than any time of the year except for spring months. The greatest number of tornado casualties in our region over the last quarter century has been in the fall. On November 6, 2005, the Henderson – Evansville area an EF3 tornado killed 25 people when it struck at approximately 2AM. Being prepared for tornadoes and other thunderstorm hazards is essential to your safety. The National Weather Service says it will share preparedness message via social media and other sources each day of the campaign to help citizens better prepare for severe weather.

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