Search Conducted Today for Cold Case Victim that Disappeared in Henderson 21 Years Ago

A search to follow up on a lead for a missing 23 year old woman who disappeared two decades ago began this morning.

According to SurfKY News, Jodi Powers Search and Rescue Technologies plan to look for Heather D. Teague in an oil tank in the Geneva Bottoms area to follow up on the lead that she may have been placed in an oil tank after she was abducted 21 years ago on Friday.

Kentucky State Police Post 16 in Henderson says a witness observed the 23 year old woman being kidnapped at gunpoint from Newburgh Beach in Henderson while she sunbathing on August 26, 1995.

According to KSP, the suspect in the case committed suicide shortly after the abduction.

SurfKY News reports the victim’s mother, Hopkins County native Sarah Nell Teague, has continued to seek information of the whereabouts of her daughter, as well as additional details surrounding the day of her daughter’s disappearance, leading to today’s search.

According to SurfKY, the mother said she had been told that oil preserves the body, and there are three old oil tanks in a row at the Geneva Bottoms. She was also told her daughter may be in the middle tank, which is where the search was conducted this morning.

Teague’s kidnapping is listed on KSP Post 16’s cold cases website link. Anyone with information about this cold case can contact KSP Post 16 at (270) 826-3312.

Heather Teague KSP Kidnapping Poster

(Image: KSP Kidnapping Poster)

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