River View Coal officials provide update during Union Co. Fiscal Court meeting

UNION CO., KY (WMSK) – Two representatives from River View Coal were on hand at the Union County Fiscal Court meeting Tuesday morning and provided an update regarding the company’s current coal production and future plans.

River View Coal Mine Superintendent Ken Ford informed magistrates this is a nervous time in the coal industry right now, and he indicated they have an abundance of coal inventory at the Uniontown facility.

With an abundance of coal inventory, he indicated the employees and community are probably nervous about what is going to happen next.

He noted customer inventory is also high right now due to several factors.

Ford also addressed some calls from Uniontown residents concerned about the coal dust escaping River View’s facility.

He added that River View Coal is doing what they can to be a good neighbor in the community.

When asked by County Attorney Brucie Moore what the capacity of the Uniontown coal mine is, Ford replied approximately 900-million tons.

Judge Jenkins then asked Ford about future forecasts of coal production.

Ford was accompanied at the fiscal court meeting by River View Coal Director of Employee and Community Programs, Kim Humphrey. They encouraged magistrates to visit the local coal facilities and take a tour.

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