Report: Lexington Day care staff forced kids to be smacked for snacks

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — State officials are monitoring a Lexington day care after an investigation found employees required children to be smacked in order to get a snack as part of a “game.”

Citing an Office of Inspector General report, media outlets say two New Creation Childcare workers in August played the “Smack for a Snack” game, in which school-aged children were made to line up and get hit on the legs or hands with a ruler to get some yogurt.

Officials say at least two children had noticeable bruising. Police cited one employee with assault.

Officials also found the day care’s store-front window shattered. Staff said one child had knocked another child into the glass.

The report also said there were too many kids in one room: 27 children to 1 staff member.

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