Rep. George Brown Jr., files bill re-establishing Old Governor’s Mansion as home for lieut. gov.

FRANKFORT – One of the country’s oldest executive residences would again be the Frankfort home for lieutenant governors under legislation that state Rep. George Brown Jr. has filed during this year’s legislative session.
“The Old Governor’s Mansion has a long and storied history, both as home for governors and then lieutenant governors,” said Rep. Brown of Lexington. “It last served in that capacity in 2002, when former Lieutenant Governor Steve Henry moved out for extensive renovations. I think it is time we return to that tradition so that lieutenant governors have a permanent place here in Frankfort. That is especially true when their current home is hours away, as is the case with the Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton, who is from Bowling Green.”
Under House Bill 308, the Old Governor’s Mansion would still be made available for those wishing to rent the non-residential portion for private or public events approved by the state’s Finance and Administration Cabinet.
According to Historic Properties, the state agency that oversees the residence, the Old Governor’s Mansion was home to nearly all of Kentucky’s early governors – 35 altogether – and was later home to lieutenant governors and their families for about 50 years, beginning in the mid-1950s.
“So many decisions crucial to Kentucky’s early history were made in that home, and it has been a fixture in downtown Frankfort almost from the city’s start as our capital,” Rep. Brown said. “I think we need to embrace that, which is why I have filed this bill.”
House Bill 308 has been referred to the House State Government Committee. The legislative session is scheduled to run through mid-April.

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