‘Quest for 1 Million Pennies’ fundraiser receives generous donations

The continuing ‘Quest for a 1 Million Pennies’ fundraiser recently received generous donations from two Indiana residents.

A story first reported by WMSK News regarding the fundraiser to help pay for a local teen’s eye surgery was picked up and aired by a local TV station, according to Fraternal Order of Eagles President Steve Utley, which he says drew the attention of two men in Indiana.

As first reported on November 30, 2015 by WMSK News, Utley explained that the fundraiser was for his grandson.

Without the surgery, Utley previously told me his 14 year old grandson faces a lot of limitations that some of us take for granted.

Utley told me today that he will be picking up the 1st jug at Morganfield Elementary School after he received a call it was getting full.

The ‘Quest for 1 Million Pennies’ continues in Union County for the next two months.

For more information on how you can donate, please contact Steve Utley at (270) 952-0557 or David Russell at (270) 952-6772.

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