Pride Industries Announces Expansion in Union County

Officials with Kyndle, Union County First, and other local leaders and dignitaries gathered at Pride Industries this morning for an announcement that the architectural building products manufacturer and installer will expand its Union County operation with a $150,000 investment that will create ten full-time jobs.

Kyndle officials say Pride’s decision to expand comes in response to the rise in popularity of aluminum composite metal, or ACM, wall panels, which offer a well-insulated, affordable alternative to insulated sandwich panel often used in commercial buildings. The company plans to buy new equipment to begin an ACM panel production line.

With the purchase of the CNT Motion Systems Table Router System, Pride Industries CEO Bart Pride says they intend to diversify their established product line by entering into the aluminum composite metal ACM wall panel and architectural metal accessories markets. He adds that they will provide a single source for fabrication and installation services that the growing markets in the region require. By turning product lead times from weeks into days, Pride says they will be able to more efficiently deliver an installed product in a schedule-driven industry.

Union County Judge Executive Jody Jenkins says he is pleased that Pride Industries has chosen to expand at its location here in Union County. As a result, he adds this will allow us to have more people from our area going to work, and the addition of new jobs is always welcomed and exciting news.

Pride Industries is a family-owned company established in north western Kentucky in 1978 as a commercial insulation company specializing in sprayed cellulose insulation. In 1984, the company created Ultra Seam, which started as a marketing group and grew into a nationally recognized architectural metal roofing brand. Currently, officials say two other Ultra Seam manufacturers, based in North Carolina and California, fabricate ACM panels.

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(Pictures Credit: Paul Monsour)

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