Police Agencies on Alert for Anyone Attempting to Take Advantage of Tornado Ravaged Community

Police agencies make arrests on numerous charges

MAYFIELD, Ky. (Dec. 20, 2021)  The Mayfield Police Department, Graves County Sheriff’s Department, Kentucky State Police, and supporting agencies are continuing to maintain an enhanced police presence in the tornado damage zone.

Mayfield Police Chief Nathan Kent reported his officers, with assistance from supporting police agencies, made 10 criminal arrests in the previous 24 hours. Some of those arrests were of individuals and groups attempting to take advantage of the local community.

Mayfield City Police arrested two Michigan men on a variety of charges following an overnight traffic stop.  Two Michigan men were arrested after officers stopped a vehicle as it was driving the wrong way on a one-way street.  A Graves County Jail K-9 unit was called to assist officers and indicated the presence of drugs.  A search of the vehicle located multiple containers of methamphetamine and marijuana, along with a large drawer overflowing with bags of prescription medications and pharmaceutical controlled substance packs.  Officers determined the medications were from the Mayfield Health and Rehabilitation Clinic, which was destroyed by the recent tornado.  Also found in the vehicle were multiple doctor’s prescription blanks from the clinic.

On Friday afternoon, Graves Sheriff’s deputies and Kentucky State Police troopers were alerted to suspicious activity near the intersection of Cardinal Road and Pritchett Road. Officers found several suspects that appeared to have been working in a group to rummage through personal property at homes in the damage corridor.  The suspects were also allegedly loading vehicles that were destroyed by the tornado.

Sheriff’s deputies from both Calloway and Graves Counties, along with Kentucky State Police Troopers, quickly converged as the group was attempting to leave the area while towing several damaged vehicles.

Deputies and Troopers found a variety of personal items belonging to tornado victims, including some household goods, new shoes, muddy change, cooper wiring and other items. They were also towing several vehicles that were owned by tornado victims.

The Kentucky State Police, Post 1, has augmented its forces with additional personnel from across the Commonwealth to assist in the efforts of maintaining order during the tornado relief efforts.  Both Troopers and Public Safety Telecommunicators have been deployed to the area to mitigate the increased call volume, vulnerabilities for criminal activity, and security needs in Graves County and surrounding areas.

Please note that there continues to be a dark to daylight curfew in Mayfield.  The Kentucky State Police, Kentucky National Guard, Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Officers, and numerous other area police agencies are working in support of the Mayfield Police Department and Graves County Sheriff’s Department to maintain security in the tornado damage corridor and surrounding area.


Shared on behalf of the Mayfield Police Department, Graves County Sheriff’s Department, and Kentucky State Police by the Mayfield-Graves County Regional Emergency Operations Center.

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