Morganfield woman indicted by Union County Grand Jury earlier this year arrested Sunday in Henderson

A Morganfield woman indicted by the Union County Grand Jury in August for fraudulently using a credit card was arrested in Henderson this morning for charges of identity theft, DUI, fleeing from police and other offenses.

According to Henderson Police, an officer located 21 year old Soccorro McGuire of West O’Bannon Street parked in the back of Newman Park around 1:00 this morning with the vehicle lights off. Once the officer approached the vehicle, he reportedly could smell marijuana coming from inside.

Authorities indicate McGuire gave the officer her name, social security number and date of birth and was then administered field sobriety tests, which she reportedly failed and was told by the officer she was under arrest. As the officer walked McGuire to his patrol car, police say she pulled away and ran, but was captured and began screaming for her friends to run.

McGuire was transported to Methodist Hospital for DUI related lab work, where police indicate she confessed to using a family member’s name and personal information.

McGuire was lodged in the Henderson County Detention Center for DUI 1st, Fleeing/Evading Police 1st Degree (on foot), Resisting Arrest, Theft of Identity of Another without Consent, Disorderly Conduct 2nd Degree and License to be in Possession.

As previously reported by WMSK News on July 6th, Soccorro McGuire was arrested by Morganfield Police the morning of July 3rd for Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card under $10,000 and Unlawful Access to Computer 1st Degree and was indicted by the Union County Grand Jury during the August session.

Soccorro McGuire 110915

(Source: Henderson Co. Detention Center)

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